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Thank you for visiting our innovative and sustainable exhibition stand at this year's DWG 2021 in Münster!

Round Table online via BlueJeans: "Pediatric surgical care for scoliosis in children", 26.11.21, 14:00 Uhr CET
Surgical techniques for the correction of scoliosis on a human specimen presented in a great way! Prof. Rauschmann knew how to inspire the numerous participants in the live broadcast from the University of Erlangen.

HumanTech Spine at the Eurospine 2021 in Wien!

Our Sales Office Team Mexico


“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” (Andrew Carnegie)

HumanTech Academy training in Mexico City


As part of our HumanTech Academy training programme and previous to our visit to Amcico Congress 2021 in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico, Dr. Kurt Wiendieck, Nürnberg/Germany, performed a training on MIS with the VENUSmini System at IMSS Lomas Verdes in Mexico City.

The time has come!


HumanTech Spine Mexico at the Amcico Congress 2021 in Nuevo Vallarta.
Visit us at the booth L.

Expansion of the sales cooperation in Switzerland


We are very pleased to announce that we have gained another partner for the distribution of HumanTech Spine products in Switzerland.

After NEXON MEDICAL AG from Reiden with more than 50 years of experience in the world of spine surgery, THURGAU MEDICAL AG from Kreuzlingen is now also expanding its extensive range with the innovative products of HumanTech Spine GmbH.

We look forward to an interesting and successful cooperation.
Your HumanTech Spine Team

World's first use of the cervical VBR LEANDER


Finally the time has come! The cervical VBR LEANDER was developed under the direction of the chief physician for orthopedics, trauma and spinal surgery at the Staufer Clinic Schwäbisch Gmünd, Dr. R. Rißel used for the first time worldwide. Thank you very much for the excellent performance.

New company information 2020


Take a look at our new image brochure and learn more about our company

MTI - the eaysiest way to fuse


The Multiaxial TLIF Inserter (MTI) offers an excellent possibility for the repositioning of already laterally rotated TLIF cages. During the repositioning of cages from PEEK, a sufficient traction of the interbody space must be ensured due to the limited strength compared with titanium.
Due to the angle-variable, but nevertheless secure and fixed connection of the MTI and the cage, in particular, also in the case of a cage rotated completely in the lateral direction, the reposition to the desired final position of the cage can always be performed.

 For more information click here (1 MB)

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SAMSON News - "easy-peasy"


Did you already know, that you can assemble and insert SAMSON with just 3 instruments?

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New Partnership - HumanTech and NEXON


We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with Nexon Medical AG. The company from Switzerland has over 50 years of combined experience in the world of spinal surgery. We are looking forward to an interesting and successful cooperation.

Online Seminar sold out

Online-Seminar incl. CAD Hands-On July 24th:

unfortunately we can no longer accept any registration. Our CORPORECTOMY Online-Seminar, with the unique VBR SAMSON, is fully booked with 100 participants. We will repeat this seminar on September 28, 2020. Please register for this very early (, as we expect a huge interest here again.

We are pleased that our training courses are attracting increasing interest.
If you want to get a small impression, do not hesitate to look at a short video summary:

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VBR as stand-alone implant?
VBR from dorsal approach?
VBR before dorsal stabilization?
Bony groth or surface osseointegration?

Please ask such or similar questions to our extraordinary experts Prof. Dr. med. C. Siepe (Schön-Klinik Harlaching) and Dr. med. K. Wiendieck (Erler-Klinik Nürnberg) on July 24th in the “HumanTech Online Hands-On” from the University in Erlangen. Further presentations are from Dr. med. J. Richolt (Frankfurt), PD Dr. med E. Shiban (University of Augsburg) and Dr. med. Hinojosa (ISSTE Monterrey, Mexico).
We guarantee an exciting advanced training event with nearly 100 participants.

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Did you already know, that Samson is the most flexible Vertebral Body Replacement? Various end plate angles from 0° to 24°.

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Did you already know, that every component from SAMSON is produced in Germany?
This Vertebra Body Replacement was developed by HumanTech engineers, German surgeons and tested in German universities!

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Did you already know, that you don't have to be a fakir to sit on a SAMSON, even though the end plates have such sharp tips. This unique geometry was developed by HumanTech engineers and tested in German universities.

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Did you already know that SAMSON has 7 times more teeth than a crocodile (272 teeth in total)? For this reason, Samson has this unique primary stability.

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Did you know that the surface area of SAMSON® end plates is as large as a postcard? SAMSON® gets this outstanding product advantage from its special pyramid geometry, which ensures exceptional osseointegration capability.

 Poster "Multicenter application observation of the vertebral body replacement SAMSON®" (German) (2 MB)

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We celebrate: 10 Years of HumanTech

It's hard to believe, but in November 2019 HumanTech Dental celebrated its 10th anniversary. That is why we will take this anniversary as an opportunity in the coming months and start with further actions and events on the topic of 10 years HumanTech. All other information can be found on our website. Stay curious and look forward to the coming months.

Motorcycle rider Moritz Benz as the brand ambassador of HumanTech-Spine

Motorcycle rider Moritz Benz starts in the 2nd season of the IDM Superstock – this time as the brand ambassador of HumanTech-Spine

The Markdorf rookie, Moritz Benz, is starting the upcoming season displaying two renowned sponsors, the “Wirbelsäulenzentrum Bodensee” (Lake Constance Spine Centre) and “HumanTech-Spine” on his bike. Following his outstanding performance coming 14th place in the 2019 season, Moritz is now the new brand ambassador for HumanTech-Spine, the Steinenbronn-based spine implant systems specialist.

The IDM has not only once again developed into a highly regarded series, especially in Europe, but it is also increasingly attracting drivers from all over the world. The sporting level is highly prestigious. Those who have the potential to take the next step are revealed here. With some 135 HP at the rear wheel, the riders reach top speeds of around 270 km/h.

When the cameras point to Moritz Benz at the season opener at the Sachsenring on April 8th, after the 1st Superstock race, the logo of HumanTech-Spine will be seen once again.
The precision professional from Steinenbronn near Stuttgart will support the talented rookie again and, in doing so, promote the company with its logo on the bike of the 19-year-old from Lake Constance.

Moritz Benz:
“Strong partners are essential for every athlete to perform his sport successfully. In HumanTech-Spine, I have found a partner who is an excellent match for me with many commonalities in the approach for day-to-day life such as precision, reliability and innovation. The down-to-earth, family-like nature of the cooperation with HumanTech-Spine will also make it a special collaboration.

Jochen and Jörg Hutzel, Managing Directors:
“Since 15 years following our successful involvement in the DTM and the Superbike-DM, Moritz Benz is the first motor sportsman we are supporting. We specifically chose a sportsman from Baden-Württemberg, who won us over with his likeable and down-to-earth manner. We are looking forward to working together and keeping our fingers crossed for the upcoming Superstock season.”

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CAD online seminars


CORPORECTOMY with HumanTech VBR SAMSON - live from the anatomy of the University of Erlangen with Prof. Dr. med Michael Rauschmann (SANA Klinikum Offenbach) and Dr. med. Stefan Krebs (OKM Markgröningen) and the speakers Dr. med. Ercan Sagnak (Agaplesium Diakoneklinikum Hamburg) and Dr. med Frank Hassel (RKK Clinic Loretto Hospital Freiburg). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive the complete film with all tips and tricks of corporectomy from the experienced and well-known surgeons.

CAD online seminars on various topics, such as "Vertebral body replacement or minimally invasive fixation “

Our products


HumanTech Spine is a company which is fully dedicated to the highly functional use and manufacturing of implants and instruments in the medical field. We develop through research and innovation new technologies and are constantly seeking improved solutions.

Dealers/Distributors wanted!


We are looking for new sales partners to optimize and expand our worldwide sales network. If you require further information or are interested in working with us in your region, please contact the HumanTech Team: